Smile for Life

Human. Human heart are containing with emotion and feeling. Sometimes we face something that make us happy, Sometimes not (opposite). Smile is the thing that everyone love, When you smile people feel peace and happy and that’s what life is about, right ?

I learn that smile is the most important thing in our life. To be honest I’m moody person, I can be annoying person you ever met when I feel not good, Well I’m still moody person and sometimes still put some annoying face when I’m angry or feel not really good (I called Nature Human Reaction).

Why I Wrote this post ? I’ve been thingking about my moody thing that makes me feel so awful to people, I feel terrified share something that everyone should not see. So I learn to smile when I feel angry, a little thing that makes me angry I try to smile and try to forget that. And yeah It work, when I smile I feel like sharing a good thing to people and make people around you happy.

I’m so happy to share this with you, Cause I share with you that every smile you put on everyone you can share your happiness to everyone.

Scared ? Well.


In a past 2 week (almost 3 week) all news and headlines is all about The Missing Airplane, Malaysia Airline MH370. Me and My Mom been following this news almost everyday, we trying to figure it out what’s going on ? And how the plane can be missing.

On Monday (24 March 2014) The Prime Minister of Malaysia announce that the Plane who take 239 Passengers ended in Indian Ocean, and there are no survivor in this tragedy. It’s sad for the family who has lost their loves one.

Thinking about Airplane accident is make me anxious. Honestly I scared of die and it’s natural because we are human. This accident make everyone scared taking Airplane (so not just me) but if you think about there are million Airplane fly from country to country,city to city and all of them are save, why you scared of taking Airplane ?

For me this accident is Bad Luck and people should not worry about all this thing. Life is Beautiful and we should enjoy that

The Fault In Our Stars


Okay I need a time to give my thought about this book. So Okay, I know this book in January (I think) but I don’t interesting cause this book talk about Cancer. Cancer is sensitive for me cause when some book tell about Cancer they gonna talk about die and dying I don’t want to feel that way. I prefer to read A Song Of Fire or Gone Girl (cause I love to read a book to make me feel smart).

And when you list of book you want to read are already finish you read, you want to read another book. So I search from Book Blog, who give a good review to read. And they say “The Fault In Our Stars” and I was like “Ughhh come on!!! I don’t want to cry!” (I know If I read this book I’ll definetely crying hard). I brave my self to download the E-book version, cause If I buy a real-book version I’m scared that I’m not gonna read that again, So calling that tester before buy a real one. I read it little by little and I love it!!!! It’s not like Oh I’m dying and then she always crying bla-bla-bla! Is not like that.

I called this book John Green’s Code (Yeah you can call I copied from Dexter who called Harry’s Code). Let me tell you, I have similiar life like Hazel (the main character of this book). Like I’m so interesting in TV Series, Think that “I’m a Granat” and there is so many things that I think this book is from real mind.

I’m crying so many times. Hazel Grace Lancaster is wake me up my spirit (who gone for awhile). She a fighter, but not like superheroes, John Green give humanity in her, that’s a honest feeling from someone who had some disease.

I’m in love with this book, and In love with John Green,seriously! Life is gonna be great even you have pathetic life. I recommend you to buy this book and Think that life is awesome. Here’s my favorite Quotes from this book:

“I fear oblivion,” he said without a moment’s pause. “I fear it like the proverbial blind man who’s afraid of the dark.”

Augustus Walter

“I even tried to tell myself to live my best life today.”

Hazel Grace

“I missed the future. Obviously I knew even before his recurrence that I’d never grow old with Augustus Waters. But thinking about Lidewij and her boyfriend, I felt robbed. I would probably never again see the ocean from thirty thousand feet above, so far up that you can’t make out the waves or any boats, so that the ocean is a great and endless monolith. I could imagine it. I could remember it. But I couldn’t see it again, and it occurred to me that the voracious ambition of humans is never sated by dreams coming true, because there is always the thought that everything might be done better and again.”

Hazel Grace

3 word

3 word save my life
From the empty
From the loneliness

You dig my heart out
And keep my heart
Cause you want my heart to stay with you

I see you a future of my baby daddy
You see us like Minnie and Mickey

You wanna say it
But you lost
You lost it

3 word
Easy to think hard to tell
Easy to feel hard to do

But it saving our life



You just like angel in the sky
Who saving people on these life

People admire you
Idolized you
Like they never met someone good before met you

And there is girl
Who look like Cruella De Vil
She trully not good for you
but you fallin to her

It was wrong
So wrong

Why you so blind?
She’s not match to you

Her smile like Broken Piece
With her red hair,pale skin
But all of that is just fake

You’ll regret it
Cause you made a wrong choice
I pray you live happy forever after with her

Question of the life


I’m inspiring by Hitam Putih show. Deddy Corbuzier the host of that show was always asking this to the guest star. I’m thinking What is Question of life ?.

For me Question of your life is Question for life, like Slumdog Millionaire is Question for money.

To answer Question of the life, for me I just think and try to explanation why

This is the example that I found from some blog :

1. Which is worse, failing or never trying?

2. Decisions are being made right now. The question is: Are you making them for yourself, or are you letting others make them for you?

3. What do you love? Have any of your recent actions openly expressed this love?

4. Why are you, you?

5. What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

That just example, there is many Question of the life that you can search on Google if you want. I just love to answer Question of the life and write in my Note.

Answering Question of the life is make you realize who you are, what you gonna do in the next future, what are choice between 2 bad choice.

Think what I mean is you think, well no one gonna always think if someone asking you that question.

Explanation why for me is like sometimes you answer a bad choice like ‘Marry with a rich old guy who doesn’t like you or Marry with odinary guy who’s not rich but love you’. You have explanation why to answer that question.

It just for me, what about you?


Garlic Bread with Cheese

Hari ini saya dan Ibu saya sedang membuat makanan yang berbeda. Ibu saya ingin sekali membuat Brownies dan saya ingin Sekali membuat Garlic Bread dengan Keju parut diatasnya.

Idenya saya melihat resep ini di websitenya Laura Vitale dan resepnya memang bikin ngiler, coba bayangkan anda sedang makan roti dengan toping bawang putih dan keju diatasnya? Siapa yang tidak ngiler ?.

Saya membuatnya cukup simple sekali:
1. 4 siung Bawang Putih di Parut (Anda bisa mengulek/memblend nya)
2. Seledri sesuai selera
3. Whole Wheat Bread (Bisa pakai Roti Prancis, saya menggunakan Roti Gandum karena lebih sehat)
4. Olive Oil (Saya menggunakan Olive Oil Garlic Extra karena ingin ada rasa kuat dari Bawang putihnya)
5. Merica secukupnya
6. Keju (Bisa Cheedar atau Mozarela)

1. Parut bawang putih
2. Campurkan Bawang putih dengan seledri yang sudah di cincang
3. Tambahnya Olive Oil 2/3 Sendok Makan, lalu aduk hingga semua bahan tercampur
4. Lumuri Roti dengan Olesan Bawang Putih
5. Taburi sedikit Roti dengan Merica
6. Panggang di Oven 180cc selama kurang lebih 10-20 menit
7. Diamkan kurang lebih 10 menit, lalu parut keju di atasnya

Simple bukan?


Drew’s Castle

It was beautiful day in Drew Castle
No one screaming but just whisper around the castle

It was Summertime in Drew Castle
We watchin bball together
Lay in couch, hugging each other
Thought we might be drunk together

Baby it’s Drew Castle
Castle of your lust
There is a reality in a fantasy

Baby it’s Drew Castle
It make you addicted
Because you want more-more and more

It was another Summer Hot Time
And Drew Castle was the only thing I want to come
Can’t forget how that place change me

There is a smile, warm and peaceful
Who I really enjoyed
Every seconds

Red Car


As usually it was saturday-shine
You bring your vancy red car
Wanna show and impress to my people
And they getting madness

You asked me to wear Floral Dress that you gave it to me
And the vintage shoes too
And the sunglasses

And we ride…Yeah we ride
To the edgeness of the lifetime
To the fantasy of your life

We ride…Yeah we ride
To a destiny for us
To thing we’ll be surprise

Ride-ride and whip it my hair
Ride-ride until you cross your limit
Ride-ride do you think you are Senna?

Now are you remember when we are kissing when it eclipse?
Now are you remember when we dancing in dark? People watchin us
They talk we are match
Now are you thinking that We are lasting forever? Because they don’t talk we are good to be together

But I’m gonna make sure they are wrong
We are gonna lasting forever just like sun always illuminate the world

Dark Cave


There is a sunny girl in the dark cave
And she is pretty like Mary

No one notice her that she’s disappear
Oh yeah cause people busy with another thing

She captive in dark
She scared like a rabbit

Somebody save her in the dark cave
She was alone and terrified
She just a girl with a million heart
She don’t deserve live in the dark

Someone gonna saving her
Someone who has been sending by god
She gonna run to a bright light

She’s so scary that someone might not help her
She just prayed to god saving me for this torture

She screaming but it’s silent scream
silent scream…